For distracted ones, in this first post, I will explain what a Man cave is about – or in other words, Manspace. There are still those who do not know what it is.

Above all definitions, the one I like the most, and which summarizes well the reason why I started to orbit this area, is: Man cave is a sanctuary where you can be YOU, without judgments from third parties! And you know well who I am mainly referring in terms of judgment – your significant other!

Leaving aside the eternal war of the sexes to further deepen this definition, Man cave is a reserved space used as a personal area for Man, according to his taste and where he can go to find some solitude (which is so needed after a day at work!) and/or practices leisure activities while being surrounded by gear related to his hobbies, but also as a social space where he can go with his friends.

As I already mentioned, Man cave must base on its owner taste and whichever he has or does there is his business! Anyway, and as a suggestion for possible space fittings, I can mention some usual things to do there, such as watching TV, playing games, video games or simulators, spending time on hobbies, training, playing a musical instrument, or just have a drink.

Other possible valences of the space may consist of a home cinema, personal museum, home office, tool atelier, wine cellar, among others, not being exclusive as it can allow and include all this in a space with different functionalities. In short: Whatever you want! SPACE IS YOURS AND YOU ARE THE ONE WHO SETS THE RULES!

Despite that, not living alone at home and taking into account the previous definitions, you will agree that it has to be inserted in a space of the house with some specific characteristics… To, above all, avoid the propagation of sounds that may disturb the rest of the family, so the most common areas to install the Man cave are the basement or garage (if any), a garden hut (widely adopted in Britain), or an extra room. It can also be outside as a delimited area of ​​the garden, for example, the barbecue area.

If there are several options available, the choice should focus on the central usage of the space – is not convenient to use a room, even if located in the basement, to give your car mechanic skills.

Using several examples and once made the definition, I am sure that you will identify yourself with some and, therefore, you are already beginning to ponder where to install yours. I believe that you will still need some help, so keep following the new posts where I will share some DIY tips and guides so that you can finally move forward with the Man cave of your dreams!

If you want it but do not know how to conceptualize it or need specialized technical support, personalized tips for filling, finishes and furniture or technology advice to materialize it, we are available to help you!

If, on the other hand, you want to create YOUR Man cave, which may involve a major remodelling of the space with the need for the work of several technicians (construction, electricity, plumbing, etc.), can count on our proposal analysis, project management and inspection services, or turnkey projects.

So I invite you to contact us to have an introductory conversation and present your ideas, giving this start to the consultancy process, the definition of the project and budget, all without commitments (don’t worry that the normal volume of work we have doesn’t allow us to be boring you permanently after the budget is delivered). You will find several ways to contact us through the page.