First of all because, when we talk about our home, few things are more coveted by men than having their space! In one of the chapters of the book «Men are from Mars and women are from Venus» the author John Gray explains the male need for refuge to relieve stress. He continues that «for most men, having some time for themselves is a way of dealing with stress by reducing it», and also adds that «woman brain is interconnected differently. When a woman is stressed, there is an increase of up to 8 times more blood to the emotional part of the brain so they reduce stress when talking about what is going on».

But let also be clear, most housewive take care almost exclusively of the whole organization and decoration of the home. And this is not a problem for us at all!

What colour do you prefer for the living room rug, this or… At this moment you know well that you are in trouble. The question is simple, there are only two alternative answers… but for many men, it starts a scene capable of taking their sleep away! Result: most houses become feminized and you rarely have space for the things you like.

An example that touches people who are in the process of leaving their parents house to live with their partner and who have hobbies that they would not like to give up: to negotiate with parents to keep the room as it is and not become a new family income source, like in an Airbnb list, or you can get ready to pack everything with newspaper and find space to put all that paraphernalia of your cult films out of sight, or the next time you look at them they will be full of mould. Yeah, that Kylo Ren miniature too! That will not match any other element of your new house, decorated in detail in white, gold and grey tones (Never mind that I have been there too). Will live alone? I have excellent news for you: the whole house will be your Man cave !!!

But if like me, you are already in the thirties, having descendants or not (if you have it aggravates the situation even more), and not having a Man cave, you will probably also identify yourself with one or more of the following points:

  • Although you have some collections and/or articles alluding to your passions (being it sports, music, cinema, or others) you have no place to show, arrange or even put them in your own home;
  • Not able to be alone enjoying your empty box (in a future post I will talk about it in more detail. For now you can watch the following hilarious video not even in the bathroom (when we have small children)! Or even while zapping on a television or any other gadget that is available. It is rare when we need it! All available units are permanently broadcasting the Disney channel or youtube kids (this despite nobody being watching), or series that are as interesting to you as making an appointment for gastroenterology;
  • When things go wrong with your «respective», which is perfectly normal to happen, you have not a comfortable place to get away from her a little and calm your spirits, especially hers, and to prepare a new round of «argumentary», except to go smoke outside or take a walk with your four-legged friend, which in the middle of winter comes down to a mere 5 minutes, manifestly little;
  • Your wine cellar boils down to a simple 30x30cm sideboard shelf regardless of your love for wine;
  • Impossibility to give free time to your hobbies because they dirty space where you practice them;
  • Any assay with your musical instrument creates problems with the whole neighbourhood;
  • You are constantly paying mechanics to do the work that you know how to do, or you want to learn because the alternative is to be lying under the car in front of your house on the public road;
  • Not having a space to watch movies and/or broadcasts of your favourite sport in peace and, if possible, in the company of your friends and with all the right conditions of video and sound, or even being able to vibrate when it goes well or vent the frustration when it goes less well without reprimands from third parties;
  • Being something between a staunch gamer and a professional streamer and not being able to have space and, therefore, the means to unleash your full potential and even earn money from it. Basic example: Although most consoles have an appealing aesthetic (at least for us ) and presented in neutral colours, are hidden in any drawer;
  • Not being able to play poker at your house as you do sporadically at the home of one of your single friends, because «people smoke, drink, get dirty and make noise until the wee hours» (we know well that any all in has to be accompanied of an affirmative vocalization and something aural, therefore!);
  • Although you love to cook and do it for your group of friends, any dinner organization, or even the mere “inauguration” of any charcuterie, is followed by a face of disapproval by other elements of the house;
  • Training comes down to jogging or any other outdoor sport because at home there is no room for the machines you want;
  • In short: You do not have space in your own home for you, for your things and even to socialize with your friends.
  • Sometimes it seems that in our home we only have duties and no rights!

But there are also many fortunate ones who, having space for all this, never remembered to convert it into their sanctuary out of simple mental laziness or simply because they never asked themselves: «What can I do with the basement besides accumulating boxes with things that don’t matter?» or «How can I complete the construction of my basement?»

If you need support for your Man cave project, please use the contacts provided on the page.